Friday, February 20, 2009

I finally read it!

Well I've finally read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. In high school, I was in advanced English, but we didn't read the usual classics, so I never read this one. This is the pick for San Antonio Public Library's Big Read 2009, so I thought I'd go for it.

I really enjoyed the story, though I must say I kind of expected something different from what I'd heard. Whatever the case, I liked it--especially the Book People. I can't imagine memorizing a whole book (or two). I know the human brain is capable, but still. And the way the mission of the firemen completely changed from protection to destruction. The idea that the whole world might voluntarily give up reading is unthinkable to me. I hope it never happens in my lifetime.

This weekend I hope to watch the movie to get the visuals in my mind. Happy reading!


Amanda said...

Hello. I came by your blog because I saw you had a link to my book review blog (5-Squared) and I wanted to say thanks.

I have yet to read 451, though I've considered it because of the library program this year. We watched the movie in middle school and it creeped me out, though, so I've always been scared to try it, despite the fact that I love classics. Maybe one day I'll make the plunge.

BookDiva said...

You are very welcome. I saw on your blog another member read The Eyre Affair. Huzzah!

The book wasn't creepy to me, but maybe the movie will be. I'll let you know. I read it in one night, so I know you can. :-)

Amanda said...

Is this Debye? I suspect it might be from your comment and from one of your other blog posts saying you were a librarian, plus you seem to know me. :)

BookDiva said...

Yep it's me!! :-)

Julie said...

I hadn't realized that there was a movie to Fahrenheit 451 until I read it here on your blog! You see, what you have to say is worthwhile.
I still would like to read F 451 but I haven't yet. I recently checked it out but I already had so much I was reading that I thought I better get it back to the library and read it another time. I'll check it out again when I have a little less on my plate.
I thought I'd just come by to say "Hi, Debye!" I appreciate all you do for people at the library. I'm enjoying the YA/Teen book group as well.

Rebecca :) said...

I must be under a rock. There's a movie about this book? Where have I been? I want to read this book again soon because it has been so long I can't even remember the details. God help us all if I ever have to memorize a book for the sake of the future of books!