Friday, February 20, 2009

I finally read it!

Well I've finally read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. In high school, I was in advanced English, but we didn't read the usual classics, so I never read this one. This is the pick for San Antonio Public Library's Big Read 2009, so I thought I'd go for it.

I really enjoyed the story, though I must say I kind of expected something different from what I'd heard. Whatever the case, I liked it--especially the Book People. I can't imagine memorizing a whole book (or two). I know the human brain is capable, but still. And the way the mission of the firemen completely changed from protection to destruction. The idea that the whole world might voluntarily give up reading is unthinkable to me. I hope it never happens in my lifetime.

This weekend I hope to watch the movie to get the visuals in my mind. Happy reading!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Considerations....

I found the most interesting blog while searching the reading challenges. It's called A Striped Armchair at She reviewed a book in one of her posts that has one of the best passages about reading:

Happily, most readers fall between these two drastic extremes. Most of us neither shun books in veneration of literature, not shun literature in veneration of books. Our craft is more modest. We pick our way down endless library shelves, choosing this or that volume for no discernible reason: because of a cover, a title, a name, because of something someone said or didn’t say, because of a hunch, a whim, a mistake, because we think we may find in this book a particular tale or character or detail, because we believe it was written for us, because we believe it was written for everyone except us and we want to find out why we were excluded, because we want to learn, or laugh, or lose ourselves in oblivion.

This is from The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel. I think I have that around here somewhere.....


Well it's been a couple of weeks since I posted. Lots of stuff going on. But now I'm back.

Influenced by a friend, I've been looking in to joining some reading challenges. (Like I don't read alot already...I'm a Librarian!!). Anway, whatever challenge I decide to join, I will post my thoughts on it and the books I read here. This should be interesting.

I've decided to join The World Citizen Challenge at The idea is intriguing and will get me to read some more nonfiction. It also will allow me to read more history. YEAH!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Lesson 23

I finished the 23 things! Yeah! I've discovered there is so much to Web 2.0 that it's almost overwhelming. I realize that I find alot of the technical aspects involved somewhat difficult. I know computers to a certain extent, but this new era of web technology makes me feel like a newbie. I also realize that to keep current with trends in library technology I need to keep learning and participating in programs like this. I know that help with this program was just an e-mail or phone call away, but I couldn't help but feel a little isolated. Maybe it's because alot of the technology was so new to me that I felt like I was floundering. Maybe a few in person training sessions to answer questions?

Overall, I really liked the experience and I would happily participate in another one.

Lesson 22

Downloadable media is so cool. I've always thought NetLibrary was neat even when it was just scanned images of books. Now you can download. I haven't explored that yet. But I have worked with Overdrive. A couple of months ago I did the online tour and explored and decided to download a movie "Six Million Paperclips". The directions were pretty easy to follow, even though there were references to parts of my computer that I wasn't familiar with. But lo and behold I did it and watched the movie. The quality was very good and I really enjoyed the movie. I plan to watch more. Next up, explore the downloadable books from NetLibrary.

Lesson 21

Aaahhh Podcasting....yowsa. It's cool when you finally get something to work, but since I know so little it was still frustrating. First I downloaded Juice, but I couldn't get it to work. I ended up at Podcast Alley, looked for library stuff, and managed to download to Mevio 2 podcasts--one on Teen Librarians (which still hasn't opened) and Library Geeks (which I'm listening to now). I like the idea of podcasts---hearing interviews, lectures, talks, music that I might not have access to otherwise. With more practice I expect that learning the ins and outs of podcasts will get easier. Practice, practice, practice....

Lesson 17

Well, I finally managed to create a pbwiki with one comment. And I added my blog url to the favorites page. It was very confusing for awhile, but I managed. I like technology but sometimes I just don't think I'm cut out for it. My brain just doesn't seem to operate that way. Ah well. I'm still trying and still learning!