Monday, June 29, 2015

Lesson 3 Part 2 Challenge

Three libguides for the public: HeritageQuest Online For family history lovers a wealth of information that is available through this database. And accessible at home. This is one that I always suggest for the genealogy questions I get. Steampunk Most readers in Science Fiction and Fantasy have encountered the unique world of Steampunk. Think Wild Wild West tv show, or even the movie. That is Steampunk---it's literature, it's an aesthetic, a way of life and totally fascinating. A good place to start. Gardening in South Texas Gardening in Texas can be a challenge, especially in South Texas. Besides knowing the growing region we're in there a lot of other factors. This guide helps one decide which plants will thrive or if it would be better to xeriscape? And what herbs? Two Libguides for Staff: Connect at SAPL Databases Help Connect at Central is a pretty impressive digital learning area. The branches are not so lucky to have these resources but pointing out all that is available to patrons while helping someone can be invaluable. Classes, trying out new devices, the resources of the Jobs and Small Business Center--this is good for the branches to at the very least be aware of. Another great source of information are the many databases the library subscribes to---genealogy, business, what to read next, school resources. Using a database can be daunting at first, but once tried, it's easy to find the right material needed.

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